Crime Time: Crime Scene Cleaner courtesy of Bad Economy Jobs

25 02 2010

How To Become A Crime Scene Cleaner

Many companies will offer grace periods for securing your required documentation, however, according to State and Federal laws, certifications must be completed to retain your employment. An individual who chooses a crime scene cleaner job should not have a weak stomach as your ability to deal with several forms of body fluids and scenes that may be considered as disturbing will “almost daily” put you to the test. Attention to detail is a very important trait to have, due to all the fragments of bones and blood that must be cleaned up. Corners, counters and family photographs are just a few places that might be contaminated. There will also be plenty of biohazard material and infectious waste, so it is required that you be informed of proper cleanup management.

While crime scene cleaner jobs may be a strange career and not always appear glamorous, it can be fulfilling, more so as you will know that you are assisting in the restoration of an area that may have been traumatized, thereby allowing family and friends to return to a normal lifestyle. Additionally you will be trained in several different aspects of this rather interesting career, such as training in blood-borne pathogen, Respiratory Protection Program, Hazard Communication Program, Deodorization/Odor removal techniques and many more.

Crime Scene Cleaner Business

After gaining enough experience in your crime scene cleaner job, you can then use this experience to start and build your own company in a field that can actually be lucrative (fees are usually up to $600 per hour), or you could choose to purchase your own franchise.

Get started by obtaining decontamination kits that are appropriate for the job. Some gear that is needed would be biohazard waste containers and personal protective gear, while ozone machines, shovels, putty knives, ladders, razor blades are some tools that may be needed from time to time. Solvents and disinfectants, as well as bleach are widely used and should be well stocked.

Then get authorized and certified by the local departments. The laws are also important to learn so you will not get sued for improper practices of cleanup.

After investigators, police, fire and all first responders have arrived and concluded their investigations; the crime scene cleaning companies arrive on scene to do their part. Some of the situations they are called to deal with are, deaths that may be violent, such as suicide or homicide, a body that has already begun decomposition, and some have been called to cleanup methamphetamine labs.

The potential for growth in this job field is high depending on the needs of your location. Salaries can go up to six figures in big cities with more incidences of violent crimes and methamphetamine labs. With a low overhead and no college degree, being a crime scene cleaner can be a successful career and business.

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